Building the Marriage Carriage - Feb to July 2008

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1. Raw materials for a proof of concept hook up back in February

2. Workshop! It's not as warm as it looks...

3. Proof of concept towing arrangement

4. Towing a pallete! What fun!

5. Work starts in vigour in late May. Nice summer weather as you can see...

6. Dry layout of first side piece

7. Steve grinding bits flat

8. First line of weld...

9. Me welding the remainder

10. Steve tidying things up

11. First side piece complete!

12. Second side piece

13. Second side piece complete

14. Steve welding

15. Steve welding

16. Rain cover and wet weather prevail. Note exhaust manifold as 'paperweight'!

17. Do not trust this man with a welder...

18. Welding the main frame together

19. Careful jigging

20. Basic frame almost complete

21. A little more welding from Steve

22. And myself

23. And it's done in outline

24. Yeah, really comfortable!

25. Time to polish and grind

26. Welding in some intermediate bits

27. Seat retainers in place

28. Welding on initial attempt at axles - M10 studding and connectors

29. Grinding welds flat

30. Frame with seat retainers in place

31. Frame after first paint

32. Steve grinding and fitting chequer plate for size

33. Yup, looks OK!

34. Welding in extra support for footplate

35. RIP angle grinder number 3...

36. Concept 'wheels', seat backs and sides. It hasn't fallen over yet...

37. Concept wheel and chequer plate

38. Subtle adjustment to the drag arm curvature...

39. Errm... I appear to be hiding behind a toolbox...

40. Side pieces drying out after an impromtu wetting

41. Uh?!

42. Yes, we take electrical safety in the pouring rain very seriously...

43. Cutting the cross bar into shape

44. Frame with draw bar base in fitting position

45. Cutting in notches to lie draw bar flat

46. Steve cutting

47. Me grinding

48. No, it didn't hurt!

49. Crucial alignment... A nervous moment... Or 20 mins!

50. Committed.

51. The finished object in skeleton form!

52. Again, it hasn't toppled over yet

53. Finished towing arms

54. How to mend a welder... Well, maybe not...

55. First beefed up axle in place

56. Mmmm... Shiny...

57. Discussions on welder blockage

58. Steve's very shiny side bits

59. Steve and Steph doing the dual grinding thing

60. Fastners anyone? Or tea?

61. Trueing newly build up wheels

62. Difficult fixing of sides

63. Carefully screwing sides in place

64. First test ride!!

65. OK with one towing...

66. Now what about 2?

67. Serious concentration requried...

68. But all OK!

69. Close up of drag arm and cross bar

70. Subtle manipulation of seat post position... Damn corrosion...

71. Fixing the footplate in place

72. Footplate done!

73. Painting the mudguards

74. In our neighbour's car port! Seat backs in place

75. Final, decorated version without rain canopy

76. Steve and Steph

77. Side view - very shiny!

78. Oblique view

79. Cutting piping for rain hood

80. Rain hood before final stitching. Job done!! Now just to do the wedding itself...

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