Chris and Helen's wedding, July 2008

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1. L to R: Martin Jones, Steve, Steph and Jo

2. Chris' sister and Jo

3. Jo and Helen

4. A very pensive mog!

5. Chris looking spritely!

6. Steve and Steph contemplating the rain

7. Everyone's enjoying themselves!

8. Joe and Kasia

9. Umbrella parade - the new Mr and Mrs Jones! Hurrah!

10. The reception starts...

11. A very apt bottle of wine!

12. Steve

13. Steve and Steph

14. Menu, wine and candles

15. Steve barely able to keep a straight face during John's speech!

16. Chris and Helen

17. Chris does his speech

18. And Helen looks on!

19. Helen!

20. Trying to be arty... Always a mistake after a few glasses...

21. Steve attacks the cheese

22. Tim makes his brilliant speech

23. Cutting the cake

24. Chris and Helen's recitation from Mark Twain; brilliant!

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