First trip to Chalabre, September 2017

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1. Grant starting demolition work

2. Bye bye old cooker hook in upstairs kitchen!

3. Creaking the gates open to the lawn of a drive

4. Upstairs!

5. Grant in demolition mode

6. Chreeees painting

7. The rock stage at the village's 3rd annual tattoo festival :)

8. Creating the municipal water feature...

9. Paul at work on the gates

10. Investigating electrics...

11. Chreees taking 5 in what will be a living room

12. Evening of day 1! With added bog seat

13. Blitz on the upstairs bath-cupboard. And new plumbing in...

14. Hop & Grant's newly re-wired kitchen

15. View from the upstairs balcony to the Pyrenees :)

16. Paul painting

17. The toils and tribulations of the toilet

18. Driveway cleared and gate painting in progress!

19. Grant at the end of another day of rewiring

20. Chreees, still painting

21. Very smart gates!

22. The back garden after an entire day playing with a petrol strimmer

23. Grant behind some newly-painted gates!

24. Mirepoix

25. Mirepoix

26. Mirepoix

27. The morning bakery trip

28. Finally, a non-leaking bit of replumbing

29. Can't have too many valves...

30. Chreeee's abode

31. The local reservoir

32. Bye bye! Until next time

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