Ffridd, December 2017

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1. A snowy scene awaits on Saturday morning!

2. Grant near the barn

3. View north from Ffridd

4. Nick on the shouler of Moelfre

5. Looking towards Harlech - snow showers coming!

6. Grant and Paul

7. Chreeeeeeeeeees

8. Nick

9. Wil!

10. Grant and Paul

11. Chreeeeeees

12. Grant, Wil, Nick, Paul and Chreees on Pont Scethin

13. Looking over Cwm Nantcol

14. Sunday morning - quite cold and snowy

15. Small drift at the gate...

16. ...big drifts on the track! Yes, it's under there somewhere...

17. Chreeees wrapped up

18. My icicle. No, bicycle...

19. Barn door!

20. Wil on the road leading to Ffridd! Snowy too!

21. Some cold sheep

22. Chreees coming to inspect the road

23. Project car extraction - one beached Renault!

24. Much much much digging later...

25. Hurray! Wil and 2 cars at the top of the Ffridd drive!

26. Now time to clear the road... Wil getting busy with a snow shovel

27. The drift at the end of the road now dug through (yes, all by hand)

28. Very apt :)

29. Bala in the snow

30. Meole Brace services in the snow

31. M54 in the snow...

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