Touring in France, July 2017

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1. Graham and Grant near the Forum des Halles in Paris

2. Forum des Halles panoramique

3. Good climbing and spraying!

4. How to be late for a TGV...

5. Graham, Paul, Grant and Nick at Les Deux Alpes

6. Mizoen

7. Reservoir from the Barrage du Chambon

8. You can take a mountain biker off a mountain bike but...

9. Grant on the Col du Lauteret

10. Les Ecrins in the cloud

11. A great reception at the Col du Lauteret!

12. View from the Venosc gondola

13. View in Venosc village

14. Venosc

15. Venosc

16. A great day to start touring!

17. Grant, Graham and Paul on the Col d'Ornon

18. Col d'Ornon

19. Somewhere near Mens

20. First bungy bridge in Europe... ...near La Mure

21. Around Clelles

22. Around Clelles

23. Graham and Grant in their castle :)

24. A bog as big as my house...

25. The Chateau for the night!

26. Mont Aiguille near Chichilianne

27. Chichilianne chateau at night

28. Day 3. My gloves become self-aware...

29. Mt Aiguille from Col de Menee

30. Col de Menee

31. Col de Rousset - temperatures hitting high 30s...

32. Graveyard for la Resistance in Vassieux-en-Vercors. They shall not be forgotten.

33. The high Vercors

34. On the Col de la Machine

35. Combe Laval

36. Combe Laval

37. Combe Laval

38. Combe Laval

39. Grant

40. Paul

41. Not a good place to drop a camera...

42. A legendary road on the Col de la Machine

43. Interesting remains near Leoncel

44. Nick on his home ground ;)

45. Plan-de-Baix

46. Grant heading into the 41 degree oven on the Col de la Chaudiere

47. Grant on the Col de la Chaudiere

48. The Vercors framed by the massif in the Diois

49. Graham in front of Le Veyou

50. Les Trois Becs

51. The other side of Les Trois Becs

52. Across the other side of the Rhone valley - Gorge de l'Ardeche

53. Gorge-ous view

54. Kinky

55. Gorge de l'Ardeche

56. Vallon Pont d'Arc

57. The climb up the Un-named Col in the Cevennes. Long. Hot. Dry. Unforgiving.

58. Nick, Paul and Graham contemplating which side to pee on

59. Grant having a watershed moment!

60. Where the Cevennees and the Ardeche meet

61. l'Abbaye de Mazan and some Art

62. Cross in Burzet

63. Gerbier de Jonc :)

64. The source of the River Loire

65. Loire headwater

66. Classic high Ardeche meadows

67. Sunset over Mont Mezenc as viewed from Mezilhac

68. River Lignon

69. An alternative climb up to St Agreve

70. A wonderful old motor / generator set :)

71. Self-exciting alternator?

72. Voltage selectors mounted on a marble plinth!

73. Grant examining the remains of a large rheostat

74. The machine house - only a moderate crawl to gain access :)

75. Old viaduct on the disused railway line to St Agreve

76. Tunnel! Choo choo!

77. The Ligne Verte from Montfaucon to somewhere 15km from Montfaucon...

78. The old station at Riotord

79. Fantastic bit of painting

80. Goat of honour at Mions

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