Riding around Haworth, March 2018

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1. Julian & Grant heading up Staird Hill

2. Staird hill in the sun. And snow.

3. Grant

4. Julian

5. Julian on Middle Moor

6. Mike and Grant on Middle Moor

7. A fantastic day :)

8. Climbing up out of Hebden Bridge

9. Julian

10. Grant

11. It got a little snowier...

12. More snow incoming...

13. The view from Stoodley Pike

14. An icy pike!

15. Julian


17. This photo really doesn't do the 40-50 knots of wind justice...

18. Trekking across Withins Height at dusk

19. Withins Height

20. Grant

21. The former Ebor worsted mill

22. Ebor mill

23. Ebor gum...

24. The Railway Children train!

25. The former Vale worsted mill

26. Vale mill

27. Vale mill overlooking former mill pond

28. :)

29. All that remains of Lower Providence worsted mill

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