Today it snowed...

19 Nov 2004
Today it snowed. It's November and England, and it snowed. Whatever next?! The evidence for this is here just so that when its melted tomorrow morning I can reassure myself that I wasnt imagining it! As always when it snows, one of my mates, Chris, emailed and suggested riding the next morning down the Roman Road! Excellent idea! A lovely morning too - lots of sun and a little snow left. Not a bad way to start the day really!

CUCC photos

29 Nov 2004
The photos from CUCCs trip to Ffridd farm, Harlech are now online here. Great weekend had by all!

More photos from Shane

30 Nov 2004
Shanes sent me another 8 or 9 photos from last weekends trip to Ffridd farm to add to the collection Id put on - cheers Shane! They can be viewed in the usual place, Enjoy!

Photos from Glentress and Baldersdale

6 Dec 2004
Took a trip up north this weekend with Andrew and Jon to go and check out the riding around Glentress and Baldersdale. Photos can be found here. Glentress is truly awesome and offers great riding - check out their website here. Much fun was had checking out feasible riding areas in and around the area near Baldersdale. Quite variable and in the short hours of daylight that winter offers, it wasnt really possible to do the epic loop we wanted to. The bit of track that ascends from near Selset reservoir via Wythes Hill to Scarset Rigg is quite a navigational and riding challenge! Quite a lot of boggy moorland but with stunning views. The track down into the Tees valley however that ends up at Holwick Scars is brilliant fun; some truly great moorland riding that isnt 100% bog!

Photos from Christmas bash at Ffridd online

20 Dec 2004
The photos from the trip to Ffridd this weekend are now online here. These include the slightly embarassing episode of getting the Landrover wedged in a peat bog (thanks Steve and Jon for helping to get it unstuck again!) and some snow riding in the Rhinogs. Many thanks to everyone for making it such a great weekend!

2005 MTB Varsity match

20 Feb 2005
Photographs from the 2005 MTB Varsity match can be found here. Finally, Lloyd (Oxon) came in 1st, Jon Blackburn (Cantab) 2nd, Jon Everitt (Cantab) 3rd, Andy Cockburn (Cantab) 4th (mechanically hindered), Chris Pedder (Cantab) 5th. Thanks to all who came and to Gorrick MBC.

MTBing in the Peak District, Feb 2005

28 Feb 2005
A few photos from a very snowy Peak District are online here. Thanks to Chris and Fenty for the idea and being very good company!!

Database back online! (And loads more photos)

29 Jun 2005
At last, Ive migrated to a server which supports databasing again, so the news features are active again. Ive also put a load more photos on the site from recent trips and activities - have a look at the photos section for the full lot. New pictures include, and are not limited to, some MTBing in Afan Argoed, some cycle touring in France and a few shots of the spectacular thunderstorms over the UK in the past few days. Enjoy!

Pete and Sybille get married

4 Jul 2005
Pete and Sybille got married last weekend in Oberharmersbach in the Black Forest. Photos can be found here!

La Marmotte

12 Jul 2005
A small number of photographs from last weekends La Marmotte are now online here; limited in number cos the photographer didnt really feel like taking pictures!

Joe and Kasia get married!

29 Aug 2005
Joe and Kasia got married last weekend in Kielce [Poland] - a very touching ceremony and a cracking reception! Photos in the usual place.

Autumn Polaris photos online!

10 Oct 2005
Photos from this years Autumn Polaris can now be found online in the usual place. Great fun event as ever - this time in the Western Lake District.


19 Dec 2006
Well, loads of new photos have put online in the last few months and at some stage the engine sriving the trips diaries will be rewritten and last summers Pyrenean trip added... An ideal job for cold, dark winters nights!

Photos from South America

7 Jan 2007
Three photo albums from Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia are now online. Picures include Buenos Aires and surrounding areas, El Calafate and Puerto Natales and the Torres del Paine national park, a trekking paradise. It's a great place - go there!

French photos!

5 Jul 2009
Photos from the French touring trip are now online - enjoy!

Windsurfing pics

18 Jul 2009
Photos from CUWs foray to Brancaster are now online!

Snowdonia pics online!

19 Jul 2009
Photos from James, Alice, Christian, Ben and Amandas trip to Snowdonia last May are finally online. Theres only a few due to having a filthy CCD on my camera and most pics looking like they had measles!


24 Aug 2009
Pics online!. Also some pics from post-race touring afterwards (by car)!

CUSA trip to Newquay

7 Dec 2009
Pics online from last weekends trip.

Ffridd trip

14 Dec 2009
Photos from Ffridd online!

Canada photos

1 Jan 2010
Photos from Canada, December 2009, online

The Fens are frozen!

10 Jan 2010
Photos of Fenland skating from Whittlesey Wash are online now.


4 Feb 2010
Some photos of Rammsteins gig at the NEC on February 3rd are now online! Es war wunderbar!

Gearbox replacement!

17 Mar 2010
Photos of the epic culmination of 4 months worth of very spasmodic gearbox restoration are now online! Includes a special feature on good workshop practice.

Scottish Skiing!

2 Apr 2010
Photos from my recent trip to Scotland are now online. Yes, skiing in Scotland at the end of March on fresh snow! Their best winter in over 30 years. Just remarkable...

Wells wavesailing

8 May 2010
Photos from todays session at Wells are now online...

More wavesailing at Wells

19 Jun 2010
Photos from a bright, breezy, sometimes wet but generally damn windy session at Wells are now online...

Austrian pics!

20 Jul 2010
Photos from my trip to Austria and Switzerland are now online...

Riding with Team Cadbury

17 Sep 2010
Photos my holiday riding with Team Cadbury in the Pyrenees are now online...


17 Oct 2010
Photos of James stag do at Diggerland are now online!

Linkin Park!

14 Nov 2010
Photos of Linkin Parks NEC gig are now online!

Ffridd Christmas

3 Jan 2011
Photos of the Christmas bash at Ffridd are now online.

USA road trip

3 Jan 2011
Photos of my road trip in the USA over the Christmas period are now online!

Fernie powder days!

3 Apr 2011
Photos of my recent ski trip to Fernie are now online!

Touring in France and Spain

12 Jul 2011
Photos of my recent cycle touring trip through the French and Spanish Pyrenees are now online!

UCT pics

12 Aug 2011
Photos of my recent visit to the University of Capetown are now online!


25 Aug 2011
Photos of my recent mini touring trip to France with Jon and Jules, and Offspring gig, are now online!

Freeride Morocco!

26 Sep 2011
Photos of recent epic trip with Freeride Morocco now online!


4 Oct 2011
Photos of the recent Dartmoor trip now online

Duxford autumn airshow

18 Oct 2011
Photos of the recent autumn airshow at Duxford now online

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