Joblot trip to Val d'Isere, January 2018

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1. A once in a 30-year snowfall starts... do the avalanches

2. Daybreak - there's been a bit of accumulation! And still it snows heavily...

3. All lifts closed. Time to get the skins out (with the blessing from les pisteurs)

4. And it stops. And the sun comes out...

5. Everything blanketed in a deep layer...

6. Dusk at Bellevarde

7. Grant in the deep stuff on skis

8. Playing in the trees

9. Atop the Col de l'Iseran :)

10. Grant on the col

11. Back into deep powder in the trees - breathe in!

12. View of Val d'Isere from Le Fornet

13. Val d'Isere high street!

14. Morning skinning

15. The lost valley - totally inaccessible

16. The best thing in the world ever

17. Yup, the drifts are THIS big!

18. What are these funny lumps at Val Claret?

19. ...oh they're cars...

20. ...hope this one doesn't need to go anywhere soon!

21. Le Grand Motte in all its glory

22. Stunning alpine views

23. Grant on the glacier

24. The Wall couloirs - Grant bottom right for scale...

25. Playing on the side of Grande Balme

26. Grant in the sun on Grand Balme

27. Grant

28. Eye of the needle

29. Looking down into Val

30. Final morning skinning

31. Sunrise :)

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