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The following publications have resulted from this project so far:

Journal articles

  1. R.J. Whittaker and S.J. Cox (2019) Stability of a twisted plateau border with line tension and bending stiffness. IMA J. Appl. Math. : in press. Preprint
  2. A. Mughal, S.J. Cox, D. Weaire, S.R. Burke and S. Hutzler (2018) Demonstration and interpretation of "scutoid" cells in a quasi-2D soap froth. Phil. Mag. Letts. 98: 358-364. Preprint and Physics World coverage.
  3. F. Zaccagnino, A. Audebert and S.J. Cox (2018) Simulation of surfactant transport during the rheological relaxation of two-dimensional dry foams. Phys. Rev. E. 98: 022801. Preprint
  4. D. Vitasari and S.J. Cox (2017) A viscous froth model adapted to wet foams. Coll. Surf. A. 534: 8-15. Preprint
  5. S.J. Cox and S.J. Cox (2017) A viscous froth model adapted to wet foams. Coll. Surf. A. 534: 8-15. Preprint
  6. S.J. Cox and I.T. Davies (2016) Simulations of quasi-static foam flow through a diverging-converging channel Korea-Aust. Rheol. J. 28: 181-186.


Conference papers and presentations

  1. B. Hallmark, C.-H. Chen and J.F. Davidson (2018) Simulation of bubble behaviour in the flow of highly viscous liquids through an orifice, EUFOAM 2018, Liege, Belgium
  2. C.-H. Chen, B. Hallmark and J.F. Davidson (2018) The Motion of a Bubble through an Orifice in Highly Viscous non-Newtonian Polymer Melt, EUFOAM 2018, Liege, Belgium
  3. C.-H. Chen, P. Jackson, A. Perera, B. Hallmark and J.F. Davidson (2018) The dynamics of a small sphere falling through a soap film, EUFOAM 2018, Liege, Belgium
  4. A. Mughal, S.J. Cox and G. E. Schroeder-Turk (2017) Curvature driven motion of soap cells in toroidal Hele-Shaw cells. Interface Focus. 7: 20160106. Preprint
  5. S.J. Cox (2017) Foam flow in porous media, BSR midwinter meeting on Rheology and flow of multiphase geological materials, Bristol, UK
  6. S.J. Cox (2017) Mind the gap: the behaviour of small bubbles between closely-spaced plates, UK Colloids 2017, Manchester, UK
  7. D. Vitasari, S.J. Cox (2017) Flow of wet foams in constricted narrow channels, Oral presentation, UK Colloids 2017, Manchester, UK
  8. C.-H. Chen, B. Hallmark and J.F. Davidson (2017) Highly viscous polymeric foam flowing through an orifice, PPS 33, Cancun, Mexico
  9. S.J. Cox (2017) The fascination of foams, STAR conference (Keynote), Nottingham, UK
  10. .
  11. D. Vitasari, S.J. Cox (2017) The dynamics of wet two-dimensional foams, Oral presentation, The Annual European Rheology Conference 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
  12. S.J. Cox (2016) Bubble-scale Simulations of the Rheology of Confined Aqueous Foams, International Symposium on Applied Rheology, Seoul, South Korea